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WOODEN Train Whistle Small 3 1/2 inches
Our Price: $1.25

Small Whistle 3.5 inches long

WOODEN Train Whistle Large
Our Price: $1.50

Large Whistle

GUILLOW's Starfire Balsa Wood Glider MADE IN USA
List Price: $2.79
Our Price: $2.50
Savings: $0.29

A hefty glider especially designed for strong "baseball arms". Kids love to rear back and heave this racy job.

Note: Does not require an athlete. Anyone can fly it.

Original Glider still made in USA bu Guillow's.
MICRO ENGINEERING N scale Code 55 Insulated Rail Joiners
List Price: $4.25
Our Price: $3.50
Savings: $0.75

INSULATED Code 55 N Scale Joiner Pack of 12.
TEDCO Original Gyroscope Made in USA
List Price: $7.98
Our Price: $6.95
Savings: $1.03

Tedco original Gyroscope.  First introduced in 1906 and still made in Indiana, USA.  Introduce the next generation to the famous scientific toy that has been popular for 100 years.
TEDCO Radiometer
List Price: $15.98
Our Price: $12.95
Savings: $3.03

Tedco Radiometer. Made overseas and packaged by TEDCO USA. This is the sphere powered by the sun.

List Price: $19.99
Our Price: $17.95
Savings: $2.04

Excellent beginner building kit
Designed to teach how solar power is used
Kit for all ages
Contains 18 parts secured with only four screws
TEDCO 6 Inch Plasma Ball
List Price: $34.00
Our Price: $29.95
Savings: $4.05

Plasma balls are filled with mini lightning bolts that arc toward your fingers when you touch the surface. An entertaining way to light up a child's room. Runs on a/c. For ages 8+. From the patent of the incandescent bulb by Nicolas Tesla in 1896. This version invented in 1970 by MIT student Parker will brighten the room of any science minded person.