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Learn to Carve Ugly Faces (Booklet) by Harold Enlow
Our Price: $5.39

Carve Ugly Faces alongside master carver Harold Enlow as he guides you in your carving of faces and features with this full-color booklet.
ISBN 978-1-56523-626-4
Carving Figure Caricatures in the Ozark Style by Harold L. Enlow
Our Price: $7.16

Wood carving in the Ozark style is easy and fun when you follow professional carver Harold Enlow's directions. Using figures he has carved for his own collection in Dogpatch, Arkansas, he gives instructions and illustrations that cover every angle of carving figure caricatures.
He tells you how to go about selecting and preparing the wood, selecting the proper tools, sharpening the tools, using a mallet and band saw, roughing out a figure from a block, carving a head and face, and finishing your carvings. Then he presents explicit instructions for ten projects: a Missouri mule, a mountaineer, a hobo, a cowboy, a hill woman, Rufus and Sadie, Bootsie the cow, a banjo player, "Ozark Trail's End," and "Revenooers." Each project is illustrated in diagram form (front and usually profile) to make it easy to draw on the wood, and there are photographs of each completed project and some in intermediate stages. The general instructions are also illustrated copiously, and there are photographs of other completed carvings from the author's collection — a total of 22 drawings and 47 photographs in all.
Whether you are an accomplished carver or just beginning, you will find these caricatures a delightful group and very easy to do. The projects are arranged in order of difficulty, and by the time you get to the last one, you will be ready to do your own designs and carve your own caricatures.
ISBN 978-0-486-23151-8

Carving Wooden Critters: Includes Power Carving Techniques by Diane Harto-Ernst
Our Price: $7.19

This pattern treasury is full of creative and unique projects for you to carve. Beginners will love these easy and adorable patterns, with clear photographs showing each step in the carving process. Includes 18 ready-to-use patterns, step-by-step photographs.
ISBN: 978-1-56523-771-1
How to Carve a Woodspirit in a Hiking Stick by Skylar Johnson
Our Price: $8.96

Learn to carve a woodspirit in a hiking stick by following step by step photos and text instruction. The book also includes sections for carving your woodspirit with an optional mustache and closed eyes. Sections also included are tool and stick selection and a gallery of finished woodspirits.
ISBN 0-9753002-0-2
Chip Carved Christmas Ornaments: 20 Patterns with Infinite Variations by Bruce Nicholas
Our Price: $8.99

Make a tree full of festive chip-carved holiday ornaments with this handy guide. Chip carving, one of the earliest forms of traditional woodcarving, is also one of the easiest methods for beginners to learn. Award-winning chip carver Bruce Nicholas shows how to create an endless variety of exquisite ornaments, using just three basic cuts and only two knives. Based on his many years of chip carving experience and class instruction, Bruce shows how to create finely pierced carvings that will let the holiday lights shine through. 46 ready-to-use full-size patterns include versatile elements that can be re-combined with infinite variations the only limit is your imagination. The author also reveals his beautiful techniques for staining the ornaments with water color pencils.

ISBN 978-1-56523-881-7

Old Time Whittling: Easy Techniques for Carving Classic Projects by Keith Randich
Our Price: $8.99

Master the old-fashioned craft of whittling with this easy-to-learn beginner's guide. Even if you've never carved a piece of wood before, Old Time Whittling will show you how to create 10 iconic whittling classics like the wooden chain, ball-in-a-cage, arrow-through-the-heart, and more.
ISBN 978-1-56523-774-2

Carving Wolves, Foxes & Coyotes (CD)
Our Price: $8.99

Carving Wolves, Foxes & Coyotes an Artistic Approach (CD)
Pyrography Basics by Lora Irish
Our Price: $8.99

This simple introduction to wood burning walks you through all the basics of materials, tools, and techniques. Seven skill-building projects provide step-by-step exercises in using temperature, time, layering, and texturing to create artistic tonal values.
Carving Fishermen and the Tall Tale (Schiffer Book for Woodcarvers) Paperback
Our Price: $11.66

Carving Fishermen and the Tall Tale (Schiffer Book for Woodcarvers) Paperback

Cleve Taylor captures the foibles and follies of fishermen in four basswood figures, and reveals the subtle secrets of facial expression. Clear photos and instructions take the carver through each step of the project from the initial pattern layout to the final painting and mounting of the finished figure.
ISBN: 0-88740-903-2

Whittlin' Whistles: How to Make Music with Your Pocket Knife By Rick Wiebe
Our Price: $11.66

One of the signature projects whittlers enjoy working on is the whistle, and this book addresses each and every detail of successful whistle making. With a pocket knife and some readily available materials, most of which can be gathered from nature, beginning carvers will produce fun and attractive whistles that they can show off to their friends. Designed to be understandable to both younger readers and adult beginners, the book features numerous full-color instructional photos for each project and provides a strong emphasis on safety and tool care. Featured projects include the classic slip bark whistle, tube whistles, a kazoo, and reed whistles.
ISBN 970-1-610350-49-5